Dr. Kanyang Wu, Ancient Acupuncture Center

I have read many articles about autism. Some talk about alternative therapies in western medicine, which might be of some help to certain individuals. Others talk about the experiences of parents on how to conduct effective functional training, which is very impressive for their persistence. But all these articles have one thing in common: they focus mainly on the functional training, not on the treatment of this medical condition.

This is a very strange phenomenon. Modern medicine considers autism incurable. So those people who believe in the modern medicine have concluded that functional training is the only way to go for autism. They hope to improve these autistic children with functional training only. This is so called “training as medicine” phenomenon. With such belief, they would regard any cured cases as fraud and do not pay any attentions.

Certainly this phenomenon does not mean that parents are not willing to see their autistic children cured. It only reflects the deep-seated or quasi-religious belief that people hold towards the modern medicine. People often think modern medicine is superior and its conclusions cannot be surpassed. Let alone the hard to understand, non-substance based, and holistic medicine — Chinese Medicine. Due to such ill-informed opinions they miss chances of recovering their children.

As a matter of fact, modern medicine is still a developing medicine. It does not understand many illnesses well and does not have effective treatments for them. So it considers these illnesses difficult to treat or even incurable. But countless clinical cases have proved that many of them have been cured by Chinese Medicine. Such cases are often called “the clinical miracle”. For example, I have cured three autism cases during last few years in America.

Believing that autism is incurable, many parents consider functional training the only hope to help their children. Therefore, they will ignore news of effective treatments and focus their hope only on the training (note: some are unable to obtain such information regarding effective Chinese medicine treatments). Because the training can help children obtain some specific ability, people often consider the results of training as the treatment results. But strictly speaking, functional training belongs to the nature of education and autism’s clinical treatment belongs to the medical practice. They should not be confused conceptually.

Autism is definitely treatable using Chinese Medicine, which is also an undeniable fact. Here is a question people often ask, “How can you tell the difference between improvements from treatment and training?” Continue Reading »