“Dr. Wu, I think my son is fine now.” Mr. Ker said this to me. Indeed, after one year’s treatments, his child has essentially been fully recovered. Looking at his son’s lovely appearance and listening to the child’s active talking, I feel as happy as Mr. Ker because this is the joint efforts from both of us. I am deeply moved and affected with such a great success for his son.

I still recall the time when I first discussed his child’s problems with Mr. and Mrs. Ker. They both could not agree with each other. Mr. Ker thought it was possible his son was affected by autism; but Mrs. Ker did not think so. She felt their son would be fine when he grew up. No one could convince the other. So they came to consult me. I told them that their son had clearly showed autism spectrum symptoms. Based on my clinical experience, the situation will deteriorate fast in the next six months. Their son needs immediate treatments using Chinese medicine. Otherwise his symptoms would get worse. In order to learn more about autism and understand the issue better, Mr. and Mrs. Ker searched autism information through Internet and compared the information carefully with their son’s symptoms. Facing with cruel facts, they could not avoid it any more and had to face the reality. When she thought about her loved son suffered from such “incurable” disease, Mrs. Ker felt so sad that her tears kept coming down during the first treatment. I still remember what I told Mrs. Ker during the first visit. I told her that her child’s symptoms were not very severe and he was at the age for quick recovery. Her son could be quickly improved with immediate Chinese medicine treatments. Based on my decades’ clinical experience, I evaluated thoroughly all the conditions for the child and gave her my estimate that her son could be fully recovered in one year.

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