Ancient Acupuncture Center currently offers treatment for autism, cerebral palsy, and other brain disorders. The leading doctor for this program is Dr. Kanyang Wu, L.Ac., Ph.D. Dr. Wu has conducted over 20 years’ clinical studies on autism and cerebral palsy and has his own special insight and effective treatment methods. Dr. Wu has fully recovered three (3) autism cases and two (2) cerebral palsy cases. Here is the summary for these cases:

1. Cerebral palsy, diagnosed at age 1.5, treated for 5.5 years, now attends normal school.
2. Cerebral palsy, diagnosed at age 5, treated for 2.5 years, now attends normal school.
3. Autism, diagnosed at age 5, started treatment at 8, treated for 1.5 years, now attends normal school (09/20/2003 – 03/21/2005). (Details)
4. Autism, diagnosed at age 2.5, treated for 1 year, fully recovered (05/30/2005 – 05/31/2006). (Details)
5. Autism, diagnosed at age 3, treated for 4 months, fully recovered (01/01/2003 – 04/20/2003). (Details)

Early intervention is critical for curing autism and cerebral palsy. The optimum recovery time is under age 5. Currently there are about ten on-going cases of autism, cerebral palsy, and other brain disorders. Every case has showed good improvement during the first 2 months.

Program Guidance

  • Primary treatment is acupuncture point therapeutic massage (i.e. Wu’s Tui-na) with supplemental internal treatment of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine. It treats body as a whole. By improving all the elements of the body, the brain development can be advanced. Human body is a self-healing organism. Chinese medicine has its complete theories on how to improve human body’s self-healing capability.
  • Requires 3 to 6 treatments weekly. Each treatment lasts for about half hour. Obvious improvement can be expected within 2 months.
  • Diagnosis is given at the first visit and estimate for the treatment duration will be assessed.
  • Parents should pay close attention to your child’s language and behavior changes during the period of treatment. Such information should be voluntarily shared with your doctor so that better and more appropriate treatment plan can be designed for the most effective results.
  • Parents must reinforce and give their child specific language and behavior training according to doctor’s guidance. The doctor will give specific guidance to parents based on the specific case. But this task is mainly carried out by parents. Committed parents are the best teacher to teach the child they love.
  • Please bring the following at the first visit:
    • o A copy of the original record of your child’s autism diagnosis
      o A written introduction and record of your child’s overall symptom
      o A photo of 2”x2” which can reflect the condition of your child before treatment. Another photo will be taken after the treatment.

    Program Cost

  • The cost of each treatment session is $55. The cost of herbal medicine is $65 for half month. Extra cost will apply if some special herbs are required.
  • We have 10-session treatment card available to purchase for a discount.
  • Some PPO medical insurance plans such as Blue Cross PPO are accepted. Due to the complex procedure of insurance claims, we would like you to pay the above rate first. We will send claims to your insurance company. After we receive payment, we will reimburse your cost.

  • Privacy Protection Policy

  • Patient information is strictly protected. No information can be disclosed without patient’s permission.
  • During the period of treatment, doctor has permission to video tape patient to record the changes of improvement. It is also for the purpose of future study and research of autism. The video will not be disclosed to the public without patient’s permission.