If you have seen many doctors but you still feel ill or you are not confident about your health, come and try Ancient Acupuncture Center. We will probably be able to solve your health problem. The leading doctor in Ancient Acupuncture Center is Dr. Kanyang Wu. Dr. Wu has over 30 year clinical experience practicing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. His professional level is distinguished and he has obtained the highest reputation in the Chinese medicine field. In China, Dr. Wu had achieved highest level of expertise and been recognized as a professor-level doctor. He has published many articles in numerous areas of health problems. To read the details of his articles, please visit the other sections.

Dr. Wu can treat many kinds of difficult illnesses such as autism, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, post stroke symptoms, bladder and bowel problems, infertility, and herniated disc. He has covered mostly the specialties of internal medicine doctor, chiropractor, orthopedist, pediatrician, neurologist, and gynecologist. In fact, many of his patients come for treatments after they are unsuccessfully treated by Western medicine. Here are some of his treatment programs.

1. Autism & Cerebral Palsy Treatment Program

Ancient Acupuncture Center offers treatment for autism, cerebral palsy, and other brain disorders. Dr. Wu has conducted over 20 years’ clinical studies on autism, cerebral palsy, and other brain diseases. He has treated 40 cases of autism and cerebral palsy. Significant improvement has been demonstrated in every case. Five (5) cases have been recovered fully. The majority of cases are under age 10. The optimum recovery time is under age 5. Here are the details for the five fully-recovered cases.
1. Cerebral palsy, diagnosed at age 1.5, treated for 5.5 years, now attends normal school.
2. Cerebral palsy, diagnosed at age 5, treated for 2.5 years, now attends normal school.
3. Autism, diagnosed at age 5, started treatment at 8, treated for 1.5 years, now attends normal school (09/20/2003 – 03/21/2005). (Details)
4. Autism, diagnosed at age 2.5, treated for 1 year, fully recovered (05/30/2005 – 05/31/2006). (Details)
5. Autism, diagnosed at age 3, treated for 4 months, fully recovered (01/01/2003 – 04/20/2003). (Details)
6. Autism, started treatment at age 10, treated for 3 years, fully recovered (08/03/2006 – 07/31/2009).
7. Autism, started treatment at age 3, treated for 1 year, fully recovered (05/02/2011 – 04/04/2012).

Current on-going cases include 2 cases of autism, 2 cases of cerebral palsy, and 2 other brain disorders. Every case has showed good improvement during the first 1 to 2 months. Early intervention is critical for curing autism. The optimum recovery time is under age 5. Better clinical results have been demonstrated at that age. He has also published quite a few articles regarding autism and cerebral palsy treatments in local magazines. (Read more details)

2. Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Treatment Program

Ancient Acupuncture Center offers a treatment program for SCI. Chinese medicine is a truly holistic medicine and has been proved by the effective clinical results over the last two thousand years. Acupuncture is painless, safe, quick, and has no side effects. It is to raise the level of health and to restore the body’s energy flow to a normal state so that the body can heal itself.

Dr. Wu’s treatment can improve people with SCI with great results. The recovery will be comprehensive and include everything related to our body, for example, sensory functions, motor functions, bladder and bowel function, etc. Through treatment, every SCI will see improvement. Here are two cases from his SCI treatment.

• SCI Case 1: SCI 10 years post, paraplegia, no bladder or bowel functions, 1 year ago suffered brain damage due to a fall and had brain surgery due to internal bleeding in brain, right hand spasms and no motor function, right leg spasm and no motor function, left leg has limited movement but with no strength, cannot sit straight, lost language ability, use left hand to signal. After two-month treatment, left leg gained some strength, right leg could curve and held for a few minutes while laying on back. Bowel movement started. Gained some control to bladder. He could held the bladder and could signal nurse to come to empty it.
• SCI Case 2: SCI T11 Complete, 1 year post, he had no sensory functions under navel and no voluntary bowel and bladder controls. After three treatment sessions, he gained some sensory functions below navel areas. More sounds can be heard from the increased bowel movements. (Read more details)

3. Herniated Disc Treatment Program

Ancient Acupuncture Center has very extensive experience of healing herniated disc. For patients during the acute period (i.e., happened within 2 months), it usually takes 4 to 7 treatments to heal the pain based on our treatment cases.

Common symptoms of herniated disc are back pain, leg pain, and weakness of leg muscles, tingling, numbness, or bowel/bladder problems. For severe cases, patients have to lie on bed and cannot stand up to walk. For herniated disc happened over 6 months, the symptoms can become persistent and worsening. It will take longer to heal. For chronic condition over 1 year, the treatment and healing process can take a few months. For these chronic cases, a two-month treatment program is recommended as initial treatment. At the end of the program, every case will see improvement. Based on the initial improvement, the amount of further treatments will be evaluated. (Read more details)