Ancient Acupuncture Center offers a treatment program for SCI. Chinese medicine is a truly holistic medicine and has been proved by the effective clinical results over the last two thousand years. Acupuncture is painless, safe, quick, and has no side effects. It is to raise the level of health and to restore the body’s energy flow to a normal state so that the body can heal itself.

Dr. Wu’s treatment can improve people with SCI with great results. The recovery will be comprehensive and include everything related to our body, for example, sensory functions, motor functions, bladder and bowel function, etc. Through treatment, every SCI will see improvement. Here are two cases from his SCI treatment.

• SCI Case 1: SCI 10 years post, paraplegia, no bladder or bowel functions, 1 year ago suffered brain damage due to a fall and had brain surgery due to internal bleeding in brain, right hand spasms and no motor function, right leg spasm and no motor function, left leg has limited movement but with no strength, cannot sit straight, lost language ability, use left hand to signal. After two-month treatment, left leg gained some strength, right leg could curve and held for a few minutes while laying on back. Bowel movement started. Gained some control to bladder. He could held the bladder and could signal nurse to come to empty it.
• SCI Case 2: SCI T11 Complete, 1 year post, he had no sensory functions under navel and no voluntary bowel and bladder controls. After three treatment sessions, he gained some sensory functions below navel areas. More sounds can be heard from the increased bowel movements.

Program Objective
• To improve sensory functions, motor functions, and bowel/bladder functions for SCI patients.

Program Guidance
• It is a two-month treatment program. It includes three times a week for nine weeks for a total of 27 treatments. The whole program must be completed without skipping any treatment session.
• Each treatment lasts for about 1 to 2 hours. It includes a combination of steps such as acu-point therapeutic massage (i.e. Wu’s Tui-na), electro body acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, cupping, and heat pad. The procedure varies from case to case. Sometimes herbal medicine is also used.
• After the first program, every SCI will see improvement. Further evaluation will be conducted based on the amount of initial improvement.

Payment Option
• The cost of each treatment session is $55. Herbal medicine treatment is optional and the cost of herbal medicine is $65 for half month.
• We have 10-session treatment card available to purchase for a discount.
• Some PPO medical insurance plans such as Blue Cross PPO are accepted. Due to the complex procedure of insurance claims, we would like you to pay the above rate first. We will send claims to your insurance company. After we receive payment, we will refund you up to your cost.

Privacy Protection Policy
• Patient information is strictly protected. No information can be disclosed without patient’s permission.
• SCI patient is assessed weekly for the progress. Sometimes the assessment will be video-taped. It is also for the purpose of future study and research of SCI. The video will not be disclosed to the public without patient’s permission.