After Brown’s fully recovered autism case, clinical treatments for another autism case has almost completed. Recently I have expressed my opinion to George’s parents and come to conclusion that I have met their original requirements regarding the improvement to his symptoms. George’s everyday life and study have shown significant improvement. His diagnosed autistic symptoms have already disappeared and we can conclude that his autism has been fully recovered.

The treatment for George is much longer than Brown. It took one year and half (vs. four months for Brown). During this long treatment process, his conditions have gone through many ups and downs. In the first three months, his improvement was very obvious. But in the next two to three months, his improvement seemed to be stagnant. But his parents did not give up. They observed even more carefully about his changes and spent more efforts to train him. And they could still notice the improvement in many aspects. Because they really trusted my medical experience and my promise to the efficacy, they were very confident. With their persistence and cooperation, I am able to complete the recovery for this case at last.

To read the whole document, please open the following PDF file: Autism Case 2 – fully Recovered