Autism does not sound as horrible as terminal disease AIDS, but its damage to human beings cannot be ignored anymore. Autistic symptoms can happen without notice. A normal growing child suddenly behaves abnormally, or shows some physiological disability, and that is the subtle appearance of Autism. Since modern medicine today cannot provide effective treatments for autism, autistic children are almost equally considered as handicapped or partially handicapped. Therefore it brings extreme disturbance to the family and huge burden to the society.

Since 1980s, I had started clinical research on treating children with cerebral palsy and autism. Among 20 cases, all of them had showed tremendous improvement, 2 cases had achieved complete recovery. After I came to the United States, I continue my clinical studies on autism. Among many patients, Brown is an Autistic child who is now totally healed after receiving just four months of treatment. Autism being healed in a 4-month period is unheard of and unimaginable in Modern Medicine. According to Modern Medicine, brain cells cannot be reconstructed once damaged. Therefore Brown’s case of full recovery has puzzled many people and has caused disbelief with awesome shock. Nonetheless, his complete recovery is an undeniable fact. He still lives in Los Angeles and all his treatment logs are completely preserved in my clinic. I am willing to conduct a professional discussion to share it with any interested people. According to the theory of Chinese Medicine, Autism has never been considered as incurable. Therefore, it is possible and not a surprise at all that Chinese Medicine can bring improvement and even cure for Autism.

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